Grain Trading

H Banham Ltd has been trading grain for over half a century and in that time has seen huge advancements in the way the industry operates. We have brought the business forward to keep up with these advancements and continue to develop new ideas all the time.We now trade all cereals, pulses and oilseeds through a range of futures based, fixed price, spot price and average price contracts. There are options to suit all growers.

Our close links to maltsters and brewers, the fact we are based in the heart of the main malting barley area in the country and our ownership of the variety Maris Otter has made us specialists in malting barley.

To malting barley growers we can offer:
1) Long term contracts with preferential terms and a wide variety of marketing options through the ABC grower group contract for all the main malting varieties.
2) Buy back contracts linked to end-users for Maris Otter barley.
3) Storage contracts
Maris Otter was initially bred in the mid 1960’s and after H Banham Ltd and Robin Appel Ltd revived the variety after the turn of the century demand has increased sizably. Maris Otter is easy to malt, gives a consistent grain for brewing and has led to it becoming one of the main varieties of choice for real ale production. With new micro-breweries opening all over the world, Maris Otter tonnage has continued to grow. 2015 saw the 50th commercial harvest of Maris Otter. We celebrated this milestone with the Maris Otter 50 Beer Festival at OPEN, Norwich.

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