Norfolk Otter Ale launched

L to R: Bob King (Crisp Malting Group), Mark Banham (H Banham Ltd) and David Holliday (The Norfolk Brewhouse)

The best of Norfolk – Bottled

H Banham Ltd are working with The Norfolk Brewhouse to promote the best of East Anglia’s malting barley – Maris Otter – to other barley growers with a specially bottled brew of Norfolk Otter Ale.

 Recognised and respected in the brewing industry as the premium malt for brewing beer, 500 bottles of Norfolk Otter Ale will be distributed to barley growers to encourage more to think about growing one of the finest malting barleys known to the UK.

 Established in 1956, family-run H Banham Ltd based in Hempton (near Fakenham) co-own the rights to the Maris Otter variety. Company Managing Director Mark Banham, said; “Maris Otter was initially traded by my family in the 1960s, thanks to the barley’s superior quality and the commitment of growers’ its popularity has risen amongst craft and major brewers since the turn of the century. We are proud to be linked with Norfolk’s rich agricultural heritage as well as being able to send Maris Otter to maltsters across the UK.”

Based just up the road from Banham’s in Hindringham, The Norfolk Brewhouse also use Maris Otter which is grown locally, malted and collected from Crisp Malting in Great Ryburgh. Brewer David Holliday said; “We are delighted to have been asked and being so local to Banham’s and Crisp Malting, it has also been an excellent way for local businesses to work together.

“Maris Otter is considered the finest malting barley and as so much is grown right on our doorstep, we would consider nothing else to brew with. We get consistently good extract, which ultimately means a good wort and great beer.”

The commitment to Maris Otter and the quality it produces in its brews can be seen by some of the multi-award winning brewers who consistently use it, including Woodfordes, Grain Brewery and Oakham Ales.

Find out more about The Norfolk Brewhouse – a 10 barrel micro-brewery established in February 2012. Brewing three ales called Moon Gazer Golden, Moon Gazer Amber and Moon Gazer Ruby, along with two quality craft lagers – StubbleStag and DewHopper

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Find out more about Crisp Malting Group – established in 1870, CMG is the leading privately owned maltster in the UK with sales in excess of a quarter of a million tonnes of malted cereals to the world’s top brewers, distillers and food producers.       Twitter: @crispmalt