The Maris Otter 50 Cask Beer list. 

It’s not quite complete and there are a few details that need confirming, but it gives you a flavour of what great beers we have to offer.




1.            4T’s Brewery, Cheshire

Ratio Terms 5% abv

Pale ale brewed with herbal and citrus hops which gives the beer a delightful bitter mouthfeel to start then the citrus hops burst through for a refreshing and mouth-watering experience. Uses 95% Maris Otter and 5% wheat. In case you were wondering about the name – it’s an anagram of Maris Otter.

Hops used: Admiral, Centennial, Mount Hood and Citra

2.            Arcadia Ales Michigan, USA

Sword of Damocles  6.5% abv Pale Ale

Arcadia’s Maris Otter tribute takes a decidedly American approach. 100% Maris Otter provides the rich backbone to support the heaps of locally-grown Cascade and Chinook hops. All casks have been further dry-hopped with locally-grown Cascade flowers. American hop aroma with English malt body.

Hops used: Cascade and Chinook

3.            Arkell’s Brewery, Wiltshire

Mighty Maris 3.6% abv

An all malt brew using only the legendary Maris Otter malted barley which creates a satisfyingly  sweet malty golden beer.

Hops used: Saaz and Challenger

4.            Baird Beer,  Shizuoka, Japan

Maris Otter 50 – ESBaird  6.2% abv

Magnificently rich colour tones of copper and gold. Spicy, floral and berry fruit hop aromas dominate the nose. The wonderful bready and biscuity flavours so characteristic of Marris Otter malt marry beautifully in the mouth with marmalade-like hop flavours. The finish is crisp, clean and pleasantly dry.

Hops used: German Tauraus, US Nugget & Sterling & Brewers Gold, UK East Kent Golding

5.            Belvoir Brewery, Leicestershire

Otter Genius 4.1% abv

Golden crisp and refreshing with a generous late hop flavour. Brewed with Maris Otter malt and also includes some Crystal malt.

Hops used: Target, Hallertau and Celia

6.            Black Sheep Brewery, North Yorkshire

#MARIS50 4.5% abv

A malt forward ale with just enough hop to make it interesting. Includes some Crystal malt as well as Maris Otter and used Progress hop, (commercially available from 1964, close to Maris Otter birth date!)

Hops used: Progress

7.            Buntingford Brewery, Hertfordshire

50 Summers 4.0% abv

Buntingford Brewery is situated just a few miles from where the first ever field of Maris Otter was grown, and so it seemed only fitting that they be part of the Maris Otter 50 brewers.

It is a hoppy light brown beer with fruit overtones but a nice balance between hop and malt.

Hops used: tbc

8.           Butcombe Brewery, Somerset

Chinook American Pale Ale 4.2% abv

Chinook is a crystal bright pale straw beer with a fine white head. The aroma is an inviting blend of hop spice, sherbet-lemon citrus and warm malt. On the palate the beer has a rounded barley sugar sweetness leading to a crisp citrus bittersweet finish. The perfect combination of the greatest British malt and classic US hop.

Hops used: Chinook

9.          Cerveza Dougall’s, Cantabria, Spain

Happy Otter

10.          Dorset Brewing Company, Dorset

Carmen 4.4% abv

An Amber ale.Fruits with a rich malty background. Dark berry flavours and a whiff of port. As well as Maris Otter the beer uses Vienna, dark crystal, black and chocolate malts and a touch of wheat.

Hops used: Marynka and Golding

11.          Durham Brewery, County Durham

Golden Otter 6% abv

Golden, with an aroma of oak smoked peach derived from the use of Citra hops and Oak Smoked Wheat Malt.  A full velvety mouthfeel with soft marmalade bitterness.  More smoked peach in the body with a kick of coriander.  Smoky bacon and ginger on the finish. Orange peel, coriander and oak smoked wheat malt all add to the flavour.

Hops used: Hercules, Tettang, Columbus and Citra

12.          Eden Brewery, Cumbria

Blonde Knight 4.2% abv

A refreshing blonde ale, produced With Maris Otter Pale Ale and Rye for a crisp dry finish. Hopped with American Cascade, Chinook, and El Dorado hops producing great flavour. Ideal for summer drinking.

Hops used: American Cascade, Chinook and El Dorado

13.          First Chop Brewing Arm, Greater Manchester

Sun – Maris Otter 50 Special  4.1% abv

A special, one off, cask version of our new, keg-only, citrusy summer ale – Sun – or sunshine in a glass as we like to call it – brewed with 100% Maris Otter malt and making its debut at the festival.

Hops used: Sorachi Ace – Pacifica

14.          Fyne Ales, Argyll

Ragnarok 7.4% abv

A beer that has been asked for often over the years – Super Jarl is here.  Twice the hoppiness, twice the malty body, and (almost) twice the alcohol of regular Jarl.  As well as Maris Otter the ale also includes torrified wheat. One to savour.

Hops used: Citra

15.          Hastings Beer Co, East Sussex

Citra-Ella IPA 6.8% abv

A proper, full-on hop bomb. Two incredible hops, paired with one versatile malt. Buckets of floral and spice flavours from Ella, and a tonne of tropical fruit and citrus from Citra. Sweet full-bodied backbone from UK-grown Maris Otter. A carefully chosen yeast to balance strength, hop flavour, and body. We think this is the full package.

Hops used: Ella and Citrus

16.          Hilden Brewing Co,  County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunlop and Hume 5.5% abv

An Irish pale ale which uses Maris Otter, Munich malt and Torrified Wheat and three hops.

Hops used: Centennial, Crystal and Sorachi Ace

17.          Hop Stuff Brewery, Woolwich, London

Single 4.2% abv

A variation on Hop Stuff’s “Single” range. At Hop Stuff they like to keep it simple; a single malt base, and one variety of hop selected from around the world. The Citra hop gives this beer tropical fruit and citrus notes.

Hops used: Citra

18.          Langham Brewery, West Sussex

Decennium 4% abv

The beer is blond brewed with only one malt used – Maris Otter of course. The hopping is robust using Citra and Amarillo to give a big hop nose and citrus fruit flavours. The beer celebrates 10 years of brewing at Langham and also 50 years of Maris Otter.

Hops used: Citra and Amarillo

19.          Liberation Brewery, Jersey

Liberation Golden Mild  3.8% abv

Fresh easy drinking Mild Ale. Golden in colour and brewed with 100% Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, especially for the 50th anniversary Beer Festival. It is lightly hopped with English cascade, and Admiral for a zesty aroma. 100% Maris Otter Pale Ale malted barley.

Hops used: English Cascade and Admiral

20.          Lion Heart Brewery, West Midlands

Honey & Mustard Sour 6% abv

Sweet body, slightly tart with a hot mustard kick. A debut beer and a one-off for the festival the beer uses Saaz hops and as well as Maris Otter malt has a touch of wheat.

Hops used: Saaz

21.          Loch Lomond Brewery, Dunbartonshire

Gorilla in Vanilla  3.7% abv

A copper colour mild ale, with caramel and vanilla on the nose and palate. In addition to the Maris Otter used the ale includes; wheat, Crystal Malt, Carapils and roasted malts. The ale is infused with whole vanilla pods.

Hops used: Phoenix and Brambling Cross

22.          Loddon Brewery, Oxfordshire

Maris Otter Pale Ale 4.6% abv

A full bodied pale ale with a fruity aroma & good bitterness. Uses low colour Maris Otter and wheat malt.

Hops used: Goldings, Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Eldorado and Green Bullet

23.          Mad Dog Brewing Company, Gwent

Hoptimus Tanline 4.9% abv

Deep Amber in colour with flavours of citrus and pine and then infused juniper. The beer is infused with fresh juniper berries which have been added to the beer after fermentation has completed and left in the beer for 4 days before the beer is put into cask.

Hops used: Magnum, Agnus, Chinook and Centennial

24.          Magpie Brewery,  Nottinghamshire

Dark Potion 5.8%  abv

Apothecary inspired, botanically infused Black IPA rich in British hop character, made with 90% Maris Otter for a robust base. Five British hops are used. Black and chocolate malts add deep colour and flavour.

Hops used: Challenger, Goldings, Admiral, Pilgrim and Bramling Cross

25.          Muntons and Calvors collaboration, Suffolk

Bell’s Peel 4.5% abv

A rich golden ale made with new UK Minstrel hops to give a sweet orange/berry flavour. The addition of cocoa nibs gives a silky smoothness and adds a slight cocoa aroma, when paired with orange peel a gentle bitterness balances this beer beautifully. The beer is a blend of old and new and is a perfect celebratory ale for Maris Otter. Debut one off collaboration between Calvors and Muntons. Made in the Muntons 100L pilot plant. Very kindly the brewer is donating all the money for the beer to charity, with half going to the East Anglian Air Ambulance and half to the Pink Boots Society.

Hops used: Minstrel

26.          Nene Valley Brewery, Northamptonshire

Name tbc 7.2% abv

Dark Amber. Deep malt, molasses & candied orange with a big hop hit throughout. In addition to Maris Otter the beer uses Cara gold, Crystal and Munich malts.

Hops used: Magnum, Simcoe and Equinox.

27.          Oakham Ales, Cambridgeshire

The Burglar 4.9% abv

A warm autumnal beer with a deep amber glow. A rich, spicy aroma and plenty of bitterness are balanced by a smooth mouthfeel.

Hops used:

28.          Okells Ales, Isle of Man

Gorley Doo ‘Black Death’ 5% abv black IPA

Black in colour with hints of red around the edge of the glass.  Piney, resin aroma, juicy sweet initial taste, pine at first then citrus lemon after followed by a dry finish.

Hops used: Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade and Citra

29.          Ossett Brewery, West Yorkshire

Best of British 4.5% abv

Golden premium ale. Robust, full bodied with a slight honey sweetness on the palate. Generously hopped with admiral & first gold hops to five a fruity aroma with hints of mandarin and spice. Maris Otter with a touch of wheat and Cara Red.

Hops used: Admiral and First Gold

30.          Otley Brewing, Pontypridd

The Maris Otley Imperial Pilsner      5.4% abv

A crisp, cold-fermented Bohemian Imperial Pilsner flavoured with mango and grapefruit additions. Uses Maris Otter malt as well as Bohemian Pilsner malt.

Hops used: Chinook and Citra

31.          Otter Brewery, Devon

Silver Otter 4% abv

Crisp light session beer with spicy, citrus overtones. A traditional English session beer using Pilgrim and Admiral hops. This new beer as well as celebrating Maris Otter’s 50th anniversary will be celebrating Otter Brewery’s own 25th anniversary in October.

Hops used: Pilgrim and Admiral

32.          Purity Brewing Company, Warwickshire

Pure MO 4% abv

Brewed with Maris Otter as the base malt and hopped with the finest new world hops to deliver a refreshing and flavoursome craft cask beer.

Hops used: Pilgrim, Chinook and Nelson Sauvin

33.          Quartz Brewing, Staffordshire

MO 50  5% abv

A light ale brewed by Scott and Julia Barnett who have built a strong reputation for brewing distinctive beers. The MO 50 is part of a series of seasonal specials they have brewed this year featuring Maris Otter.

Hops used: Fuggles and Goldings

34.          Ramsgate Brewery, Kent

Fresh hop pale ale.

Hops in the kettle within an hour of harvest (that’s fresh!). In addition to Maris Otter, the ale also uses Cara Malt and Munich malts – not to mention 80kg of very fresh East Kent Goldings.

Hops used: East Kent Goldings

35.          Sandstone Brewery, Wrexham

Bearded Alan 4.2% abv

Named in memory of a long time real ale customer of the Sandstone pub this beer is brewed in the best British tradition to get a fulsome flavour from 50 years ago, when Maris Otter was created.

Hops used: Bramling Cross, East Kent Goldings and Fuggles

36.          Signature Brew, East London

Stagediver 7.2% abv

As you leap out in to the crowd you’re immediately caught by big resinous & tropical flavours, then carried around on a solid malt baseline, until you need to do it all over again. Used Maris Otter malt as well as some light Crystal and wheat.

Hops used: Magnum, Cascade and Chinook

37.          St Austell Brewery, Cornwall

The Gribbin 4.3% abv

Classic dry English bitter using Target & Bramling Cross hops. The beer is a one off brew in conjunction with the National Trust.  It celebrates 50 years since the establishment of the south-west coastal path and the donation of The Gribbin (a headland between St Austell and Fowey) to the Trust. 20p per pint is donated to the Trust for the upkeep of the path.

Hops used: Target and Bramling Cross

38.          Stroud Brewery, Gloucestershire

Baughan To Rode 4.2% abv

A malty amber ale, with a good body and soft rounded bitterness. In addition to Maris Otter malts used include Munich, Caragold, Amber and Crystal.

Hops used: Challenger, Bobek and Bravo

39.          Thornbridge Brewery, Derbyshire

Lutra 4.5% abv

Burnt Gold English Pale Ale with lovely biscuit malt flavours mingling with a hint of lemon peel and citrus from the hops. Uses Maris Otter and a little Simpsons Crystal 120.

Hops used: Savinjski Golding

40.          Tom Wood’s Beer, Lincolnshire

Playful Poacher 4.3% abv

This special beer celebrates two anniversaries – Maris Otter’s 50th – and the brewers own 20th anniversary. Using Maris Otter malt as well as some crystal malt it’s a mid-brown coloured beer and has strong citrus notes created by the uses of English hops; Admiral and Cascade.

Hops used: Admiral and English Cascade

41.          Two Cocks Brewery, West Berkshire

Royalist 4% abv

A dry hopped golden ale. Fruity and refreshing using Hallertau, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Pacific Jade and Summit hops. In addition to the Maris Otter malt the ale also includes some Caramalt and wheat.

Hops used: Hallertau, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Pacific Jade and Summit

42.          Tyne Bank Brewery, Tyne & Wear

Green Hop IPA 5.2% abv

An English IPA brewed to showcase the freshest green UK Goldings. Tyne Bank have produced a Green Hop IPA for the last two years but have ramped up the hops to make a new recipe especially for this year’s Maris Otter 50.

Hops used: UK Goldings

43.          Upham Brewery, Hampshire

Upham EPA 4.2% abv

A full flavoured pale ale brewed with the finest Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Crystal Malt and English Hops. This beer has been developed to give a well-balanced beer illustrating both the quality of the malt in the palate and the hops in the bitterness and aroma. The hops are a blend of English varieties used over the last 50 years and before.

Hops used: Fuggles, Challenger and Target

44.          Waen Brewery, Powys

I❤MO    4% abv

A delightful pale ale from this multi-award winning brewery. The ale uses only Maris otter malt and a combination of New Zealand and American hops. Try it, we know you will love it.

Hops used: Zeus, Ahtanum, Mosaic and Cascade

45.          Wibblers Brewery, Essex

Crafty Otter 4.3% abv

This Wibbler’s brew is rather special as it’s the 2015 ‘Crafty’ beer. The beer is brewed at Wibblers by members of the Craft Brewing Association and East Anglian Craft Brewers at the 16th Annual ‘Flocculation’  – a gathering of UK home brewers. Golden in colour will copious new variety English hops

Hops used: Epic and Minstrel

46.          Windsor & Eton Brewery, Berkshire

Guardsman Best Bitter 4.2% abv

Brewed originally in June, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, this latest version brings a new twist with a variation on the dry hopping. Naturally the beer uses Windsor-grown Maris Otter from the Royal Farm.

Hops used: Admiral, Fuggles, Styrian Goldings and Comet

47.          Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales, Norfolk

Redcracker 7% abv

Strong and full-bodied but surprisingly pale in colour, this barley wine delivers warm raspberry and apricot notes on the nose. On the palate it combines refreshing plummy flavours with a fuller, but delicate, raspberry sweetness. A pleasant, fruity and slightly citrus aftertaste. Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt.

Hops used: English Goldings & Slovenian Savinjski Goldings

48.          Yeastie Boys  Wellington, New Zealand

Enz to Enz

Stu from Yeastie Boys visited Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham to brew his festival beer in collaboration with them. Deliciously fruity golden ale with a big tropical fruit aroma. Juicy passionfruit and delicate gooseberry dryness balance extremely well with the backbone of Maris Otter’s biscuity malt sweetness.

“Enz to Enz” signifying all sorts, from Stu’s journey as real ale home-brewer in NZ to the other side of the world working with some of the best. And, of course, his shorter term journey from NZ to England. Enz to Engs.

 Hops used: Sauvin

49.          Young’s , London

Young’s Maris Celebration 4.1% abv

This is brand new for the Maris Otter 50 Festival. The brewery has taken its much-loved Young’s Bitter, given it a bit more body by raising the ABV and a twist on the flavour with the addition of two further English hop varieties, new to Young’s beers and exclusively for the Maris Otter 50 Festival.

50.          Beer Writer’s CELLARbration Ale– Melissa Cole brews at The Norfolk Brewhouse

Name tbc 6% abv

A ruby red audit ale, brewed using Pilgrim and Goldings hops with the addition of fresh cherries, Norfolk honey as well as sweet and bitter orange peel and a hint of mint. The beer is a collaboration brew with leading beer writer Melissa Cole

Hops used: Pilgrim and Goldings